The great Primarch and leader of the Indomitus Crusade, Roboute Guilliman, returned to the Imperium Sanctus to defend the realm of Ultramar. He appointed Chapter Master Dante, of the Blood Angels Space Marine Chapter, to become regent of the Imperium Nihilus and continue the crusade.

The chaotic warp storms of the Cicatrix Maledictum (more commonly known as The Great Rift) seem to devour worlds after they have been reclaimed by the Indomitus Crusade. The system of Gilead was of great importance, since the discovery of The Straits of Andraste – a route back to the Imperium Sanctus.

The political struggle in the Gilead System is leading to a loss of control over the production of food, the population, and materials for the Imperial war machine. With all eyes on each other, as the various powers vie for control of the system, a blind eye is turned to the encroaching alien menace coming from the outer regions of the system (The Reach).

The Reach lies beyond the Heartworlds, in the outermost portions of the system. Aliens, pirates, and worse thrive among the remote region. It’s only a matter of time before they set their sights towards the heart of the system.

Commander Dante has requested Inquisitor Vail’s assistance with assuring the stability of the Gilead system. Aboard the Rogue Trader Cruiser, Lucre Foedis, she has arrived in system and all is as she has feared.

In Darkness Comes

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