Verbal Cant

Inquisitorial Adept


Impeccable in appearance, Verbal keeps his Adept uniform as clean and well-repaired as possible. His dark hair is shaved to almost complete baldness at all times, with no facial hair outside thin eyebrows. His amber-yellow eyes show a distant, restrained, but vital curiosity. This curiosity is something Verbal works hard to keep in check.


Born on Gravalax, Verbal grew up poor in a struggling part of the colony. At a young age his world was bloodlessly absorbed into the Tau Empire, and while some resisted, attempting to stay loyal to the Emperor, most willingly submitted.

Years passed peacefully, with humans, and even some Eldar, living contentedly as part of ‘the greater good.’ Eventually the Imperium reclaimed the planet, and those citizens who didn’t die in the ‘liberation’ of Gravalax were put through re-education camps.

Inquisitor Amberlay Vail met Verbal at one of these camps run by some rather extremely xenophobic Imperial Guards. He had been marked as ‘potentially unsalvageable’ but, after speaking with him, the Inquisitor arranged to transfer young Verbal to Havensdown Schola Progenium on Perlia. Vail saw an opportunity in the intelligent young man, a potential tool for combating the more intelligent aliens.

Upon becoming an Adept, Vail arranged for Verbal to join her on her journeys.

Verbal Cant

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